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No Smoothie, No Problem

Svenska: Tropical Smoothie

Yes. Yes. Yes. I previously wrote about Why I Haven’t Jumped on the Smoothie Bandwagon. I know some of you probably thought “there’s no fucking way I’ve giving up my smoothie, the Mean Nurse doesn’t know what she’s talking about. I’m getting my fruits and vegetables. I’m healthier because of it! She’s just bat-shit crazy.” 

Well, the popular lifestyle blog MindBodyGreen has an article in support of what I’ve been saying for years……

Turns out I’m not bat-shit crazy, just ahead of my time.

I’ll take it.


Consumer Alert: Major Retailers Accused of Selling Fraudulent Herbal Supplements

FYI you Mean Nurse minions. I have never advocated for any of these brands. I’m fairly stuck on Source Naturals Wellness Formula and whatever formulation of Kyolic Garlic works for me at the time. Stick to the stuff at 1) your local, independent natural food store or 2) Whole Foods-like chain, and in that order please. Just as you should know your local organic farmer and source as much of your food as possible from 1) your own garden, and 2) the local farmer (and in that order), you need to know the person supplying your vitamins and supplements if you take them. Here’s the lesson to be learned:

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