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The latest on MRSA from the CDC

I’ve wondered why the CDC never recommended an antibiotic ointment to treat MRSA. I’ve had patients tell me that is how they treated theirs because they couldn’t afford the expensive pills. They simply drove to the local drugstore, picked up triple antibiotic cream and cured themselves.

MRSA is more common than you think with many people simply walking around with it on their skin. You know after any handshake you should pull out the hand sanitizer, right? And you should definitely keep it in your car and disinfect your hands after touching a shopping cart. Don’t forget to treat your steering wheel, keys and cell phone every so often too. The floor of my car may not be spotless, but nothing anyone would normally touch, including the radio knobs and door handles is going to make anyone sick! And if you work in an office, for goodness sake, disinfect that phone receiver and cradle as well!

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